Seycosize Plystran KP: sizing compound for cotton and polyester/cotton blends


Seycosize Plystran KP is a is a new generation size which optimizes adhesion, abrasion resistance, and controls migration. The size is applied to the surface of the yarn, and this provides improved fiber laydown, better protection against abrasion, greater yarn strength and less shedding during weaving.


Seycosize Plystran KP is a dry, flowable powder that contains chemically derivatized starches, plastizers, rheology stabilizers, and antimigrants for better sizing.  This product can be used in conjucntion with Seycowax 52D for lubrication (also GreenScreen and FMD certified).  It can easily desized by conventional enzyme procedures.

Possible replacement to

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA, PVOH)

The Seydel Companies, Inc.
The Seydel Companies, Inc.
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Scott O. Seydel, Jr.

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