SUPERCHROME PVD COATING – a green alternative to hexavalent chrome plating

SUPERCHROME PVD COATING provides a chrome finish with a decorative character for plastic substrates. Hexavalent chromium is not used in this process. SUPERCHROME PVD COATING is a two-layer coating consisting of a UV cured base coat and a chromium PVD layer on top. Unlike conventional PVD coatings, SUPERCHROME PVD COATING requires no protective top-coat to interfere with the chrome finish. jobaTEC /VTI provides the SUPERCHROME PVD COATING process and system technology.

This resilient chrome finish meets or exceeds the demands of the automotive, appliance, and sanitary industries, yet provides the rich quality appearance required for decorative coating applications. SUPERCHROME PVD COATING sets standards in optical, functional and haptic appearances of metallized parts. With excellent adhesion and no top coating requirements, it is an excellent solution for many industries. SUPERCHROME PVD COATING is available in various shades of chrome ranging from bright to dark as well as satin. jobaTEC/VTI has received several approvals from leading OEMs in Europe for SUPERCHROME PVD COATING. Further approvals are expected during 2017. Serial production of SUPERCHROME PVD COATING parts in Europa will start in the first quarter of 2017.

Possible replacement to

Chromium trioxide EC-No. 215-607-8 CAS-No. 1333-82-0

jobaTEC GmbH/Vergason Technology Inc
jobaTEC GmbH/Vergason Technology Inc
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Claudia Jochum-Baltes

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