SOL FR® - flame retardants made from natural cellulose


The new generation of environmentally friendly silicone-nitrogen FR cellulose fiber SOL FR® is made from raw materials including natural cellulose and flame retardants. SOL FR® is produced through spinning and solidifying after a grafting reaction between cellulose solution and new silicon-nitrogen flame retardants, which can remain its original frameshape after burning without releasing toxic smoke and exerting bad effect on natural environment after its waste degradation, overcoming the current problems of poisonous gas released by burning phosphorus-containing flame-resistant fabric and water eutrophication in the process of waste degradation.

The filament and stable fiber produced by this technique can be used to make into military protective clothing, firefighter uniform, knitting and weaving textile products for household and public interior furnishings.


Key Features: 

  • Free of toxin. 
  • Superb wear comfort: SOL FR®based textile is soft and gentle, possessing incomparable wear comfort and moisture permeability.
  • Environment friendly: the waste will go through natural degradation with zero damage to the environment.
  • Superior processability: It is available for both pure spinning and blending with a variety of fibers, such as cotton with outstanding dyeing properties and good color fastness.
  • Inherent flame resistance: unparalleled durability against washing, and the FR performance stays permanently even after repeated use.

Possible replacement to

Phosphorus-based and Silicon-based flame retardants

Beijing SOL Flame-retardant Fiber Limited
Beijing SOL Flame-retardant Fiber Limited
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