SCHWEGO corrit 6831 - Organic inorganic modified tannin derivative solvent mix


Glycolic solution of salts


SCHWEGO® corrit 6831 is used to compensate poor preparation of the

substrate and unsatisfactory painting conditions:

  • Manual derusting (residues of rust / flash rust)
  • Unfavourable weather conditions, e.g. damp surfaces
  • Careless preparation of the substrate e.g. traces of grease
  • Difficulties caused by type of construction or location, e.g. rest rust

SCHWEGO® corrit 6831 converts residual rust into a non-corroding iron organic compound and provides long term protection against corrosion. The wetting additive contained in SCHWEGO® corrit 6831 ensures good penetration of the residual rust particles, dirt and wetting of badly degreased surfaces, thus adhesion is promoted.

Possible replacement to

Chromates, Phosphates, Zinc oxides

Bernd Schwegmann GmbH Co. KG
Bernd Schwegmann GmbH Co. KG
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