Rotohybrid coatings - alternative to Chrome


RotoHybrid Coatings is to bring to market a patented gravure cylinder coating technology that offers superior performance to current cylinder coatings and offers the gravure industry a viable alternative to chromium coatings.


Hybrid Chrome Replacement coating is a Patent Pending hybrid coating process with its foundation in Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) which offers superior print results, increased cylinder longevity and more. 

Hybrid Chrome Replacement - Coating Hardness DLC coatings produce dramatic improvement in performance and life of components and this hardness of the coatings is the foundation for their benefits. DLC in all forms is extremely hard and RotoHybrid Coating Hybrid DLC is 3000-3500HV compared with 1040HV for chrome. 

Hybrid DLC coating is an amorphous, stable carbon coating that does not react to acids or alkaline and is highly resistant against oxidation and corrosion. The high density and amorphous structure of HCR inhibits corrosive by-products from penetrating into the coating and the chemically inert characteristics of it are particularly beneficial to gravure printers and cylinder engravers. 

The definition of bio-compatibility with living tissue or a living system is by not being toxic, injurious, or physiologically reactive. Chromium used in the chrome plating bath during the gravure cylinder processing is subject to strict regulations, as with lead and cadmium, given its high toxicity as a known carcinogen and ground water pollutant. HCR is not subject to any such restrictions owing to is bio-compatibility.

Whilst many gravure printing jobs are becoming shorter in run length and the need for hard wearing coatings reduced in turn, it does not change the fact that HCR is technically superior to chrome coated gravure cylinders and whilst some chrome coatings can achieve one million metres in print run before the chromium wears off the cylinder, HCR’s longevity test is currently running at over 3 million metres with zero wear. Whilst this is important for long run and ultra long run gravure print jobs the lack of cylinder coating wear, and its bio-compatibility offer brand owners peace of mind over chromium based gravure cylinder coatings.

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