Red Phosphorus - flame retardant


Red phosphorus - halogen free flame retardant.


Red phosphorus is categorized as a Category II hazardous material under the Fire Service Act, but after applying Rinka original surface treatment process, Rinka red phosphorus fire retardants oxidize less readily than standard red phosphorus, so that Rinka products have improved safety and stability. 

Here are no regulations prohibiting or restricting the use of red phosphorus fire retardants in Japan or any other country. Red phosphorus is an environmentally-friendly fire retardant substance, and the quantity of decomposition products emitted from red phosphorus is infinitesimal, so that there is no environmental impact under normal usage conditions. 

Red phosphorus fire retardants are safe in daily life as well, given that the amount of phosphine emitted from products containing red phosphorus fire retardants is miniscule, and well below the threshold limit value for the work environment. Moreover, phosphine oxidizes easily, ultimately becoming either an inorganic phosphate or an oxacid of phosphorus. The amount of oxacids of phosphorus released from products containing red phosphorus fire retardants is also miniscule, and is not at a level that has an effect on human health.

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