Realan Black MF-PV - A quantum leap in the dyeing of black on wool


In response to increasing ecological pressure on mordant dyes for wool, DyStar have introduced a new patented Realan Black MF-PV dyestuff.


Mordant black dyes are still widely used in the market for high quality wool goods, the most common dye in this sector being the Black PV type (CI Mordant Black 9). Until now, retailers have been unable to substitute Black PV types due to their processing fastnesses used in wool finishing (potting and X-dyeing). Even though Black PV types can be dyed without ecological and health and safety issues, textile manufacturers are pressured by retailers to avoid mordant dyes. Moreover, dyes based on CI Reactive Black 5 are unable to reach high levels of processing requirements. They are also very red under various colour sources and in addition, they provide very poor fibre coverage. Realan Black MF-PV is DyStar's perfect solution to these problems.

Features and benefits:

  • A completely new patented black for wool that is not based on CI Reactive Black 5.
  • Identical in shade and metamerism to CI Mordant Black 9 types (e.g. Black PV types).
  • Wet processing fastnesses (potting, X-dyeing, hot water and milling) even better than CI Mordant Black 9 types.
  • Excellent fiber coverage, far superior to CI Reactive Black 5 types and even better than Mordant blacks ECO Profile.
  • No MAK amines generated by reductive cleavage according to EU Directive 2002/61/EEC and German Consumer Goods Ordinance.
  • APEO and AOX free.
  • Heavy metal free.
  • Bluesign approved.
  • Meets relevant Restricted Substance Lists (RSL).
  • Realan Black MF-PV meet the requirements of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (Edition 01/2018).

Possible replacement to

CI Mordant Black 9

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