Promoclean™ TP 186B - Paint remover for metal


Used in machine construction for micromechanical cleaning and in other industries, PROMOCLEANTM TP 186B was specially formulated for hot and cold cleaning and removal of hard-to-remove varnishes, resists lacquers and paints from all metals used in industry.

PROMOCLEANTM TP 186B contains no aromatic or chlorinated components, emulsifying agents or other complex chemicals and is therefore less hazardous to health and the environment than conventional cleaning agents. May be reused after filtering (1 to 3 times depending on application). PROMOCLEANTM TP 186B has low volatility and is ready to use.


PACKAGING TYPE Available in 20 kg container and 210 kg drum STORAGE & SHELF LIFE Store product in closed container Storage life : 18 months

PROCESS PARAMETERSPROMOCLEANTM TP 186B is ready to use. Equipment should be equipped with Teflon seals. Do not spray. Provide good ventilation and wear suitable safety glasses and gloves. Refer to product safety data sheet for more information.


PROMOCLEANTM TP 186B may be recycled or easily disposed of as waste oil, either by our company or a waste disposal company. Contact us for more information regarding this. Before using PROMOCLEANTM TP 186B, read the product safety data sheet. You must take all necessary precautions to prevent fire and explosion. People who handle or are otherwise exposed to the product must wear the personal protection gear recommended in the product safety data sheet.

PROMOCLEANTM TP 186B has very little impact on the environment and generates low fumes at use temperature. It does not deplete the ozone layer. The product’s low miscibility in water makes it easily biodegradable. The information contained in this product sheet is given for indicative purposes and in no way incurs the liability of INVENTEC.

All users are liable, with respect to Administrative Authorities (regulation of facilities classified for the protection of the environment) for the compliance of their installation.

Possible replacement to

NMP Replacement (Automotive parts cleaning Stripping production parts after manufacturing)

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