Phoslite® – Phosphorus based, Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants


Phoslite is the newest family of flame retardants additives developed by Italmatch Chemicals. Phoslite are halogen free additives (Phoslite B85CX, Phoslite B85AX, Phoslite B65AM), and are highly effective additives due to the high phosphorus content. They are thermally stable, compatible with most organic polymers, non-toxic and fully colourable (white powders).


Phoslite is intended to be used in polypropylene (PP) as well as in engineering polymers, in particular in polyamides, PBT, PC and PC Alloys, but also as antimony trioxide replacement. Phoslite product family consist is based on phosphorus salts and other synergic ingredients. They are a very effective solution for flame proofing polyolefins and other polymers, extrusion and injection grades.

Possible replacement to

Halogenated flame retardants.

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