Paxymer – halogen free (non-halogenated) flame retardant synergist


Paxymer is a patented, green, synergistic flame retardant technology for polyolefins. Paxymer is compatible with halogen free technologies for polyolefin plastics. Paxymer boost the performance of the halogen free flame retardants - allowing for lower dosage of additive and total FR with maintained burning performance. Paxymer offer cost savings of up to 20% and improvement in mechanical and processing properties.


Paxymer helps customers meet their material requirements providing three main benefits: 

- The challenge of fire safety Paxymer is designed to reduce the burning speed and heat release rate. The product minimises smoke and dripping. The system provides a cross linking of the back bone of the polymer at burning temperatures - this propagates a strong, stable char formation and minimises smoke and heat release from the material. Paxymer is compliant with most fire standards both large and small scale. E.g. UL94-V, EN13501, EN61386. 

- The challenge of material performance The traditional problem with halogen free flame retardants are processing and material performance. Due to high dosage materials are deteriorated. Paxymers unique systems reduce the dosage of the flame retardant additive and compatibilises the product. Products are in pelletised, dust free form. The material is easily dispersible and gives better mechanical and processing performance compared to stand alone halogen free flame retardants. 

- The challenge for environmental footprint Paxymer is compliant with the SIN-list, REACH-annexes, it is free from SVHC materials that means it is future safe. As it allows for better compatibilsation and stable recyling and also lower total dosage of flame retardant chemicals it improves the environmental footprint.

Paxymer is a novel, patented solution. The company is a family business based in Sweden marketing its products globally based on several patents. For more information please visit

Practical implementation

LSZH - Low smoke zero halogen conduits. Paxymer is involved in low smoke zero halogen conduits both corrugated and rigid in PP (electrical wiring) and in optical cable ducts in HDPE. Paxymer gives higher line speeds and retains mechanical properties to meet standards. Substitution of PA for flame retardant PP: an injection moulded welding mask with strict demands on mechanical, flow and surface properties. The company wanted to substitute PA to achieve cost savings. Failing to find another HFFR material that met the mechanical and aesthetics criteria they found Paxymer. Cost savings /kg and in addition a reduction of the density by 30% resulting in additional cost savings. IMO and CAL-TB compliant PP chair seat: The company produce designer chairs made out of PP. Ca 90% goes to market without FR requirement. Finding a MB alternative to apply on the injection moulder for handling and procurement efficiency was desired. Paxymer was able to deliver such a solution.

Possible replacement to

Brominated flame retardants like PBDE, DecaBDE. Chlorinated flame retardants as well as chlorinated phosphates. Halogenated flame retardants. Paxymer boost the performance of APP, pyrophosphate and nitrogen based flame retardants in polyolefins. Lower dosage with retained fire rating.


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