Paxymer – fully functional halogen free (non-halogenated) flame retardants

Paxymer is a patented, green flame retardant technology for polyolefins. Paxymer is compatible with all the dominating halogen free technologies for polyolefin plastics. Paxymer is supplied as a granulate for compounding or moulding into the base material. The main applications are within transportation, building and construction and electronics. Customers are typically converters (injection and blow moulding as well as extrusion) and compounders.

Paxymer helps customers meet three main benefits: - The challenge of fire safety Paxymer is designed to reduce the burning speed and heat release rate. The product minimises smoke and dripping. The system provides a cross linking of the back bone of the polymer at burning temperatures - this propagates a strong, stable char formation and minimises smoke and heat release from the material. Paxymer is compliant with most fire standards both large and small scale. E.g. UL94-V, EN13501, EN61386. - The challenge of material performance The traditional problem with halogen free flame retardants are processing and material performance. Due to high dosage materials are deteriorated. Paxymers unique systems minimises the dosage of the flame retardant additive and compatibilises the product. Products are in pelletised, dust free form. The material is easily dispersible and gives better mechanical performance compared to other halogen free flame retardants. - The challenge for environmental footprint Paxymer is compliant with the SIN-list, REACH-annexes, it is free from SVHC materials that means it is future safe.

Possible replacement to:

Brominated flame retardants like PBDE, DecaBDE. Chlorinated flame retardants as well as chlorinated phosphates. Halogenated flame retardants.