PURASOLV® Safe and sustainable solvent


A range of esters derived from L- and D-lactic acid, PURASOLV® provides multifunctional properties. Offering superior solvency for a broad range of active ingredients and combinations, PURASOLV® gives the flexibility to develop customizable formulations with optimal efficacy, for enhanced crop protection.


Corbion’s bio-based solvents have excellent solvency and wetting properties to combine and enhance efficacy of active ingredients and have a good  toxicological and environmental friendly profile.

  • Excellent solubility 
  • Enhance efficacy

-Good wetting properties

-Good foliar up-take

-Low evaporation rate

-Good spreadability (nozzle)

  • Safe

-Low toxicity & low phytotoxicity

-Biodegradable & biobased


Practical implementation:

PURASOLV have been successfully used in the agro chemical industry for 10 years where they have demonstrated enhanced efficacy for a broad range of pesticides.

Possible replacement to:

Conventional solvents

Alternative type: Chemical substitute
Technical Function: Solvent
Sector of Use: SU01 - Agriculture, forestry, fishery , SU09 - Manufacture of fine chemicals
Material Article Category: AC00 - Other

Company name: Corbion
Contact name: Sophia Boujenah

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