PERIXEN FDA – Biodegradable lubricant for sewing threads


PERIXEN FDA is an eco-friendly, completely biodegradable lubricating agent for sewing threads. The lubricant is suitable for the production of sustainable textiles as well as for the use in the food sector.

Sewing threads which are intended for the use in the European food sector must comply with the European Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004, article 3. PERIXEN FDA meets this European Regulation. In principle, threads finished with PERIXEN FDA can be used for food processing.


Yarns finished with PERIXEN FDA obtain even and good frictional properties, high smoothness and good heat resistance. The heat of the sewing needle caused by friction during high speed sewing is transferred to the thread and absorbed by the layer of PERIXEN FDA. This way sewing of yarns made of synthetic fibers is possible even under severe conditions.

PERIXEN FDA is applied cold by lick roll technique or by precision pump. The product is used for the lubrication of sewing threads made of polyester, polyamide and cellulosic fibers. Unlike lubricants on emulsion basis the product is non-aqueous. Therefore, no drying is necessary after the application.

  • PERIXEN FDA meets the criteria of the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 (edition 03/2019).

Possible replacement to

Silicone Oils, Mineral Oils and Conventional lubricants based on petrochemistry

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