PERIFOAM BAO – Natural biodegradable defoamer


PERIFOAM BAO is a natural, sustainable silicone-free and mineral oil-free defoamer for textile finishing processes. The high-performance anti-foaming agent avoids unwanted foam formation in dyeing, printing and finishing processes. PERIFOAM BAO consists of renewable raw materials and is well biodegradable as it is based on natural vegetable oils.


PERIFOAM BAO is a highly effective antifoaming agent based on natural raw materials. The product is free of mineral oils and silicone. It is a smart substitute for defoamers commonly used in textile finishing which are based on mineral oils or silicone oils.

The field of application comprises acidic, neutral and cold, slightly alkaline media. PERIFOAM BAO is not suitable for strongly alkaline bleaching and dyeing processes. The product develops its defoaming action in cold as well as in hot liquors, especially at temperatures above 100 °C. PERIFOAM BAO is very shear stable and thus particularly suitable for the application in jet dyeing machines.

  • PERIFOAM BAO meets the criteria of the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 (edition 03/2019).

Possible replacement to

Silicone Oils, Mineral Oils and Conventional defoamers based on petrochemistry

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