OrganoComp; A green biocomposite for advanced applications

What makes wood so strong and why do certain plants burn slower than others? For more than 20 years, OrganoClick has been conducting research in biomimetics, studying how nature creates its amazing functions. One result is the unique green biocomposite OrganoComp™ which is both light and strong and can be given specific properties such as fire retardancy and water resistance. At the same time, it can be made large in size and moulded into complex 3-dimensional shapes enabling creative design.

In our new production facility, we are now able to manufacture biocomposite materials with a variety of properties by means of a newly developed fiber moulding technology. The technology enables flexible pro-duction that can be adapted to different types of products with high surface quality, various functionalities and with a cost efficient process. The composite items may be parts for assembly or finished products, depending on our customers’ needs and preferences.

Practical implementation

New technology for burial coffins One application our biocomposite is used for is burial coffins. Our 3D fiber moulding technique means that coffins can be produced in one piece rather than by joining chipboard or wood together as is done traditionally. Our biocomposite contains no synthetic glues and our sandwich technology means that coffins may be up to 60% lighter, making the manufacturing both eco-friendly and cost effective.

Possible replacement to

plastic wood composites

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Mårten Hellberg, CEO

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