OrganIQ – Bleaching system for the denim sector


OrganIQ is an innovative range of products for the denim washing sector and consists of a bleach finishing system for jeans. All organIQ products are free from heavy metal compounds and chlorine, but still enable economical and modern denim finishing.


OrganIQ BLEACH T system consists of a bleaching agent that creates the desired “used look” on jeans in an environmentally friendly way without having to use persistent components. It is the first purely organic and completely biodegradable bleaching agent for denim. The application of OrganIQ makes additional neutralisation unnecessary and the waste water is not contaminated with toxic substances.

Combining the bleaching system with the new organIQ BIOPOWER product makes the conventional use of enzymes, stones and even chlorine unnecessary. Even very fluffy goods become absolutely smooth and get a precious character. In addition, the application of the products in the fine spray mist can considerably reduce water consumption. The bleaching system can also be combined with OrganIQ ASSIST an ecological marking dye for OrganIQ BLEACH T in the spray application, and with OrganIQ BUFFER AO a pH buffer for a maximum efficiency of OrganIQ BLEACH T in the fog and spray application

Key Benefits:

  • Free from heavy metals and chlorine. 
  • Highly effective at the highest ecological level.
  • 100 % biodegradable. 
  • Low water consumption.

Possible replacement to

Heavy metal compounds and chlorine used in conventional bleaching systems.

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