Oleris® - biobased n-Heptanoic Acid


Oleris® n-Heptanoic acid is a bio-based, seven-carbon linear chain saturated fatty acid from a renewable castor oil source. 

Suitable for use in innovative sustainable design. 


Oleris® n-Heptanoic Acid: A Versatile Chemical Building Block

Arkema has a unique know-how in the chemistry of the castor plant from which a wide range of high-performance linear oleochemical building blocks (Oleris® range) are produced, with a global dual supply chain in France and in Singapore. 

Applications and Synthesis

Oleris® n-Heptanoic acid can be used as a chemical intermediate in various industries. Here’s a closer look at its applications:

1.    Polyol esters for high-performance synthetic lubricants (aviation, dielectric fluids for transformers, refrigerant oils).

2.    Natural and Vegetable-Based Cosmetic Ingredients.

3.    Esters for Fragrances and Flavors.

4.    Salts for Corrosion Inhibition and stability in hard water.

5.    Active Substances for Agrochemicals and Pharmaceuticals.Key 

Features and Benefits

•    100% Linear Chain Saturated Odd-Numbered Fatty Acid molecule: making it an ideal building block for various chemical processes.

•    High Purity (≥ 99%)

•    Carbon Neutral (ISO 14040): aligns with sustainability goals.

•    100% Natural Origin (ISO16128:2016): derived from castor oil, Oleris® n-Heptanoic acid has no animal origin.

•    Readily Biodegradable: with 94.4% degradation within just four days (according to OECD Test Guideline 301 D)

•    REACH Registered

•    GMO-Free

•    No competition with food and feed.

•    Free of Heavy Metals

Possible replacement to

Petro and coal based heptanoic acid, 2- Ethylhexanoic acid and Medium Chain fatty acids derived from edible oils (palm, palm kernel and coconut)

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