Norratex – Green chemistry textile fibers


Nordic Bioproducts has developed a new plant-based textile fibre called Norratex to satisfy the demand for sustainable and responsible textile fibresResource-intensive cotton production is already at an extreme, and polyester, in turn, is a major source of microplastic emissions. Today, to answer this global textile problem, Norratex was created; a novel regenerated cellulosic fiber manufactured with a new patented method without using any toxic chemicals or expensive solvents.


Norratex is a new technology enabling the large-scale production of man-made cellulosic fibres from plant-based feedstock without any toxic chemicals. Thanks to our technology we can turn different cellulose-rich feedstocks into tenacious staple fibres for different market applications, from textile to non-woven.

Our process can use kraft pulp, agricultural residues, and other cellulose-rich raw materials thanks to our unique pre-treatment, dissolving and the regeneration of cellulose. Our technology can potentially allow the use of mixed textile waste as we are able to separate the cotton fraction from the polyester fraction.

Possible replacement to

Replace current viscose process which utilizes carbon disulfide (CS2).