NoStone®+ - denim-washing system


NoStone®+ is the newly redesigned denim-washing system developed by Tonello in collaboration with Levi Strauss & Co. It is designed to overcome the economic, mechanical and environmental limitations of the stone-washing process.


TonThe NoStone®+ system is based on a stainless-steel abrasive drum, which is fastened to the washing-machine cylinder. This drum is specially treated to make it more or less abrasive, depending on the intensity of treatment required, and thus on the effect desired. Due to the mechanical rather than chemical nature of the process, the NoStone® effect is the same as that of stone-wash and almost entirely eliminates the carbon footprint (CFP) of pumice stones. 

NoStone®+ was developed to be applied in all Tonello machines, to which it fits perfectly, maintaining the same load capacity. The lining can easily be removed, so the machine can be used for normal washing or dyeing processes. 

The NoStone®+ process reduces water consumption, production costs, emissions, processing time and manual labour. It produces neither dust nor sludge, it doesn’t damage the machine, and it creates a uniform effect in both sampling and production machines.

Possible replacement to

Denim washing using hazardous chemicals.