NeoRez® R-3961 - NMP-Free Polyurethanes for PVC substrates

  • NeoRez® R-3961

NeoRez® R-3961 is a hard and flexible polyurethane dispersion for use in a variety of applications and especially suitable for PVC substrates.


Film properties

  • Hard, flexible, chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Elongation 270%, König hardness 130 sec. - Water, humidity and UV-resistant
  • Adhesion to plastics and metal such as PVC, ABS and PC

Recommendations for end-use

  • Clear and pigmented coatings for plastics, metal and wood
  • Vinyl topcoats
  • Gravure and screen printing inks
  • Special coatings in flooring and building

Possible replacement to

NMP containing polyurethane.


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