NeoAdd™ Low-toxicity crosslinker for coatings in packaging applications


Across the coatings industry, crosslinkers are utilized to deliver high levels of strength, resistance, and durability required for the toughest applications – but these highly reactive crosslinkers often come with serious health risks that limit their use in specific applications. Until now, low-toxicity alternatives have struggled to achieve comparable performance. The solution? The DSM breakthrough innovation NeoAdd™ PAX enables high-performance, low-toxicity crosslinking for waterborne systems – protecting both surfaces and society.

  • NeoAdd™ PAX-521 

NeoAdd™ PAX-521 is a low toxicity (non- genotoxic and non-mutagenic), multifunctional polymeric aziridine crosslinker. Additions of 4-8% (wt/wt) to carboxylic acid functional waterborne acrylic emulsions or urethane dispersions produce significant improvements in chemical and mechanical resistance properties such as water, alkali, alcohol and oil resistance as well as scratch and rub resistance levels. NeoAdd™ PAX-521 also enhances adhesion to specific substrates.


  • NeoAdd™ PAX-521 has been specifically designed for use in waterborne primers, inks and coatings for packaging applications.
  • The product is supplied as an 80% solution in ethyl acetate.
  • In water-based inks, overprint varnishes, coatings, and adhesives to improve water, alcohol, detergent, chemical and humidity resistance and/or to enhance (wet) adhesion to specific substrates.


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