Natural and flame retardant free mattress


Cottonsafe manufactures a wide range of handcrafted, natural bed mattresses that are 100% chemical free. One of these is called Topsham Natural Mattress. This mattress is completely unique and naturally fire retardant with no add on treatments such as fire retardants coating or chemicals.


Designed to maximize comfort and support, this handcrafted mattress is made with lashings of premium materials – including award winning heat-treated pocket springs, natural silk, and, of course Cottonsafe’s organic cotton and wool Cottonsafe® cover. These natural materials make the mattress beautifully breathable, helping to regulate your sleeping temperature throughout the night for optimum comfort. 

Key Features:

  • Flame retardant free
  • Made from organic cotton
  • 10 years manufacturing guarantee

Possible replacement to

Flame retardant containing mattresses.

Cotton safe product.jpg
Cotton safe product.jpg
Cotton Safe
Cotton Safe
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