Natural Antimicrobial Odor Control for Textiles


Life Natural is a natural antimicrobial odor control treatment for textiles that uses bacteria-fighting power of plants to control perspiration odor. Life Natural can replace current odor control chemicals such as silver chloride, zinc pyrithione, and silane quarternary ammonium with natural peppermint oil while offering the same performance and durability. The odor control treatment is suitable for both natural and synthetic fabrics.


Life Natural uses a proprietary blend of plant extracts as active ingredient. The active ingredient is a water-soluble carrier meaning that it is easy to use in textile processing. It can be applied via padding and exhaustion to cotton, viscose and other cellulosic fabrics, and via padding to polyester, nylon, and other non-cellulosic fibers. Life Natural can be built in during the manufacturing process to provide continuous odor control for the lifetime of the garment, which means it will stay fresher and more hygienic. The formulation has a pleasant fragrance that is typically not discernible after application to fabrics.  

Key Features:

  • Uses natural plant extract to control odor.
  • Keeps the garment cleaner and fresher.
  • Can be built-in during the manufacturing process.
  • Lower cost compared to competing antimicrobial treatments including silver-based formulations.

Possible replacement to

Possible replacement to conventional odor control chemicals such as silver chloride, zinc pyrithione, and silane quarternary ammonium.

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