Milastomer thermoplastic olefin elastomer


Milastomer is a thermoplastic elastomer, which main raw materials are rubber and olefin-based resin.


It was created using the resin and synthetic rubber technologies that Mitsui Chemicals has developed over many years. The primary ingredients of MILASTOMER™ thermoplastic olefin elastomer are olefin rubber and olefin resin. With its low density, light weight and excellent moldability, Mitsui Chemicals markets the soft resin worldwide as a substitute for vinyl chloride and vulcanized rubber. The many uses for MILASTOMER™ include auto parts, building gaskets, toothbrushes, golf club grips and more. Global demand is projected to rise, primarily for applications such as automotive interior covers, weather strips, air bag covers and steering bellows. 

Possible replacement to

Substitute for vinyl chloride and vulcanized rubber.

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