Microfibers – Biodegradable material made from feather waste


Bioextrax has developed a completely bio-based process to hydrolyze chicken and turkey feathers to produce keratin rich microfibers. The microfibers are first-of-its-kind and can only be produced with the Bioextrax patent-pending method. The fibers are strong, have low density, and possess good absorption and resilient properties (including high thermo-stability). Further, they are biodegradable and does not cause any environmental pollution. The fibers are also cheap to produce using a chemical-free technology, and based on a readily available raw material.


Materials and composites produced from feather microfibers will have low density, low dielectric constant, excellent compressibility and resiliency, heat retention and ability to dampen sound. All are unique properties making them highly interesting for applications such as textiles, insulations, membranes, or even biodegradable electric circuit boards.

Key benefits:

  • Produced by chemical-free technology.
  • The microfibers are biodegradable.
  • Suitable for textile, insulations, membranes and electric circuit boards.

Possible replacement to

Hazardous fillers and additives.