Melagard® – Melamine based, Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants


Melagard is a family of non-toxic and environmentally friendly flame-retardants based on melamine. Melagard is widely used thanks to its efficiency, low corrosivity, high compatibility with many resins and good colorability. This allows the production of compounds requiring good combination of electrical and mechanical properties, low density and low smokes density. Melagard MC (melamine cyanurate) is widely used in unfilled PA.


Melagard MC (melamine cyanurate) is widely used in unfilled PA. The safety in using these chemicals, their proven balance with environmental issues adds further advantages. The FR mechanism is very interesting in its variety, all modes of action occur at the various stages of the flame exposure and all contribute to the FR performance:

  • Melamine salt degredation: T > 300°.
  • Heat Sink via Endothermic decomposition.
  • Insert Gas Source: (Melamine): dilution of oxygen and fuel gases.
  • Non-burning dripping (in case of MC): decrease of exposure to flame.
  • Char forming (in case of MP): intumescent.

Possible replacement to

Halogenated flame retardants.

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