The unique, patented Me-Free technology is a metal-free tanning process.


MeFree's environmentally compelling, metal-free process replaces chrome and vegetable tanning and it does so without sacrificing any of the benefits of chrome or vegetable tanning. Our process is not only chrome free but entirely METAL free. It presages a technological, environmental revolution in the tanning industry. MeFree is the vanguard of that revolution.


The Me-Free process is a proprietary, metal-free tanning process that can be used to tan any kind of animal leather (cow, sheep, goat etc.) and many exotic skins. The MeFree process yields finished leather of any kind: shoes, automotive, bags, and garments. Its benefits are not only environmental but also express themselves in production (e.g., in the shoe manufacturing sector).   

Since no metal is used our finished products are cleaner than comparable products tanned with metals and our waste water is reclaimable using biologics rather than "big footprint" chemical processes. Moreover, our colors are brighter and more vibrant than colors seen from chrome-tanned leather. Thise tend to suffer a "bluish" tone. Furthermore, the cost of the MeFree process is comparable or below the commonly used processes. 

Possible replacement to

Tanning processes using heavy metals such as chromium

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