Maxi-Enzyme - The World's Safest Effective Line Cleaner for Beer


Maxi-Enzyme have developed a beer line cleaning technology that is safer, faster and smarter than anything currently in the market today.

Save time - outstanding results on both cask and keg beer lines, simple to use and effective at maintaining clean lines

Reduce risks - no risk of corrosion or damaged beer lines

Better taste - tasteless and odourless technology

Minimise waste - maintain cleaner beer lines for a longer time. No need for several rinse cycles lead to reduced water consumption.


Key features:

Multi-Enzymatic products have been widely used and specified for sanitising within hospitals and dentists worldwide. 

Enzymes are natures most powerful cleaner as they accelerate chemical reactions whilst also being fully Biodegradable. 

Enzymes are the most efficient catalysts known to man, increasing rates of biochemical reaction 10-100 times more than the best non-enzymatic detergents. 

Enzymes are non-corrosive so will extend the functional life of equipment used in the beer line. 

Works exclusively with organic materials and reacts only with their target ensuring precise results every time.  

Our beer line cleaner is minimal fuss to set up, simple dilution, leaving more time to do other things like serving customers. 

The Multi-Enzymatic properties digests large molecules of matter turning them into small water soluble matter which is then easily flushed out. Maxi-Enzyme efficiently removes bio-film. 

Maxi-Enzyme products are near pH Neutral, no need for pH strips!

Possible replacement to

Harsh and hazardous chemicals used in classic beer line cleaning

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