Lignin - a non-toxic material for endless applications


Lignin is a phenolic biopolymer and one of the main components of the plant cell wall of woods, grasses etc. Lignin is bio-based and compostable depending on the application. LignoPure effectively helps materials science and life science companies revolutionize their portfolio with tailor-made, sustainable product solutions made from lignin. 


Lignin is produced in large quantities in so-called biorefineries, but so far hardly used for high-quality products and mostly simply burned. Although high-quality lignin is available at industrial scale, it has not yet found its way into high-quality products. With LignoPure, we would like to change this and specifically establish products based on lignin on the market, for the first time acting as a link between the biorefineries and the processing industries in the materials and life sciences sector. Lignin can be used as an antioxidant or UV protection and has an antimicrobial effect, in 3D printing and injection molding, in insulating materials and adhesive tapes but also in the cosmetics and food sector. 


  • Biobased lignin-thermoplast composites for extrusion molding, 3D-printing, coating etc. (replacement for PE, PP etc.)
  • Biobased lignin-rubber composites (replacement for artificial rubber, leather, tire material etc.)
  • Lignin-PU foams, biobased expanded lignin-foams, lignin-aerogels (replacement for classical PU rigid foams, XPS/EPS etc.)

Key benefits of lignin:

  • Bio-based and compostable polymer
  • Free of chemicals and solvents
  • From non-food source
  • Multifunctional
  • Cost saving potential

Possible replacement to

Petroleum based materials.

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