Levafix ECO - Reactive dyes free of p-CA or other regulatory controlled amines


A new range of reactive dyes based on chemistry which is free of p-CA and other regulatory amines. The new dyes have enhanced fastness properties leading to improved sustainability of the textile end product.


Levafix ECO Black: > A new reactive black which is not based on conventional reactive black > Advantages in wet fastness and light fastness > Superior level of colour constancy > Good build-up to Deep Black shades Levafix ECO Navy: > A new neutral navy with high light fastness compared to existing reactive dyes > Good perspiration-light fastness and wet fastness > Good colour constancy in different light sources Levafix ECO Forest: > Unique homogeneous dark green reactive dye > Strong build-up to very deep shades > Superior light fastness compared to dark green shades based on navy/black/yellow combinations


Technical Function
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Legal requirements, standards and third party labels
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Levafix® ECO_range.pdf

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