Bio-fabricated leather made from fermentation-produced collagen


Bio-fabricated leather made from fermentation-produced collagen. By rethinking bio, Provenance are rethinking animal agriculture.


At Provenance we are empowering cellular agriculture companies and established trades, from cultivated meat startups to luxury brands, with advanced non-animal proteins needed for next generation consumer goods. By making proteins for the production of materials that are functional, safe, cruelty-free, and economically-viable, Provenance are supporting a transition into a sustainable and compassionate future. 

Provenance are the leading edge in complex protein production. Provenance have designed and built a new system by engineering the structure of their production cells to make proteins with specificity and radical efficiency. 

Provenance is making an advanced and complex form of collagen, the most abundant protein found in mammals. The collagen Provenance makes, gives cultivated meats their structure, bioleather its standalone integrity, and bioinks their support and shape fidelity for the 4D-printed products of cutting edge science.

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