LeafCOAT - waterproofing coating lignocellulosic biomass

  • Lignin and glycerol-based coating for paperboard. 
  • Sustainable Products from Plant Biomass. 
  • A sustainable bio-based economy needs alternatives to non-renewable feedstocks.


Glycell process significantly reduces the cost of transforming renewable and abundant biomass into high-purity cellulosic sugars, a key ingredient in bio-based production. Using waste glycerol from biodiesel production, Glycell produces cellulosic sugars, lignin and refined glycerol. Proven to work effectively on different types of biomass, Glycell breaks down woody and non-woody feedstock including eucalyptus, poplar, bagasse, empty fruit bunch and corn stover. The process is applicable to agricultural and forestry waste or non-food crops grown on marginal agricultural land. The Glycell Process Leaf Resources™ breakthrough pretreatment technology “the Glycell Process“ revolutionises bio-based production from lingocellulosic biomass. Using advanced chemistry and engineering, Glycell breaks down plant biomass at lower temperature and pressure to generate a higher yield of cellulose than conventional approaches. High-Purity Sugars and Valuable Co-products Glycell pretreatment is followed by enzymatic hydrolysis which converts cellulose into cellulosic sugars. Cellulosic sugars are a major feedstock for the multi-billion-dollar bio-based chemicals, bioplastics and biofuels markets. The process also yields lignin, hemicellulose and refined glycerol“ valuable co-products. 

The Glycell process uses naturally biodegradable glycerol sourced as a by-product (crude) from the biodiesel industry. The advanced engineering design of the Glycell process enables additional value to be obtained by recycling and purifying the glycerol according to the design and scale of the plant in use.

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