LGflex GL300 - Non-Phthalate plasticizer for several applications


LGflex GL300 is a non-phthalic plasticizer with a GreenScreen Benchmark of 3 (CAS: 6422-86-2). It is suitable for a wide range of applications displayed below.


Merit by application


  • Suitable for sheet and inflatable film (* Free from suspicious endocrine-disrupting) article
  • Favorable for automobile interior material thanks to odorlessness
  • Good Heat Resistance, good for following material - Hard Type (Deco sheet), Semi-flexible Type (Transparent/High glossy sheet) and Film 


  • Advantageous in acquiring Environmental Certificate/HB Mark (TVOC, HCHO) (* Law of "Air Quality Control in multi-use facilities” takes effect by MOE (Ministry of Environment
  • Free from hazardous article designated by MOE (Ministry of Environment).
  • None detect for endocrine-disrupting chemicals and heavy metal

Artificial leather

  • None detect of endocrine-disrupting chemicals and heavy metal
  • Contribute to enhancing productivity - Good foaming magnification and minimizing low boiling material
  • Improving working environment (Low Gas, low odour)

Wire & cable compound

  • Favourable for electricity and electronics application (* Neither Korean hazardous article nor six types of European Environmental Regulations include GL300)
  • Free from hazardous article designated by MOE
  • Good for less smell needed application
  • Good heat resistance (Volatility Resistance)

Possible replacement to

Hazardous plasticizers, for example phthalates.

LG Chem

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