LANASOL® CE - pioneering replacement of chrome dyes since 20 years


Huntsman Textile Effects started with the replacement of chrome (mordant) dyes 20 years ago and stopped production and sales of chrome dyes already in 2008. With the concept of LANASOL CE a trouble free move has been made possible.


Dyeing wool with chrome (mordant) dyes, which are applied with potassium or sodium dichromate, is coming increasingly under pressure. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has  included dichromate into the list of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). This means dyehouses using this technology  need in future a special authorization to use this chemical. Brands and retailers are asking their suppliers if they use any product listed under SVHC.

Additionally: the negative influence of the chrome dyeing process on the quality of the wool fiber and the real impact on the downstream production line in a mill has been evaluated in a systematic industrial scale comparison. The results have proven the technical and commercial benefits when switching from chrome to LANASOL CE dyes (see attached brochure "Wool at its Best An industrial scale comparison.pdf") .

5 different LANASOL Blacks cover all properties of Chrome Blacks in terms of shade, metamerism and fastness. The latest development, LANASOL Black NSC, is even very stable in severe wool finishing processes and doesn't show the typical shade change in decatizing. 5 additional LANASOL CE dyes can be used for shading in possible shade directions under the various light sources.

A large number of leading wool processing mills around the globe switched already from chrome to LANASOL CE dyes and their trouble free day-to-day production is the best evidence that the outdated method of dyeing with chrome dyes becomes history.

Already in 2002 the EU Commission for Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control recommended LANASOL CE dyes for replacement of afterchrome dyes in its Reference Document on Best Available Techniques for the Textile Industry.

Possible replacement to

C.I. Mordant Black 9 C.I. Mordant Black 11

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Wool at its Best An industrial scale comparison.pdf
IWTO Biella -Turning risks into opportunities (2013).pdf

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