Kollisolv GTA - hydrophilic plasticizer


Kollisolv GTA is as a hydrophilic plasticizer in both, aquesous and solvent based polymeric coating of capsulres, tablets and granules. Also used as a solubilizer and solvent as well as a humectant. 


Kollisolv® GTA is mainly used as a solvent and as a solubilizer in pharmaceutical applications. It can be used in solution, liquid-suspension and lipid-based drug delivery system technologies. As versatile water or oil miscible solvent it is suitable for formulation of emulsions & creams, gels and foams. Moreover, Kollisolv® GTA can be used as solvent or polymer film plasticizer for transdermal patches. Kollisolv® GTA is based on vegetable and synthetic origin.

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