Kieserol Acetonersatz: Acetone alternative for composites. Resin remover


Product is free of hazardous ingredients.

Kieserol KF11 GFK cleaner is an alternative product for the use of acetone in the GRP industry (glass fiber plastic).

A low-viscosity detergent based on polyvalent esters with a mild, pleasant odor. Kieserol KF11 GFK cleaner is ideal for cleaning tools, molds, equipment, barrels, containers, dosing equipment and much more. It is also used as a cleaning agent for PU (polyurethane) and PE (polyethylene) resins and solvents for polyester and polystyrene.


No hazardous material. High dissolving power, high cleaning performance. High flash point. Distillability and high reuse rate. No loss of material due to evaporation. No pollution of the ambient air. Free of methylene chloride. No danger potential for employees. EX protection zone is omitted. No risk of fire or explosion, protective measures eliminated. Very good skin compatibility. Reduction of insurance premiums. No elaborate exposure scenarios and employee training. No hazardous material storage necessary. Higher fat absorption capacity. Higher reuse. Better health and safety for your employees

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