Kanatol 8080 - plasticizer for soft PVC products


Kanatol-8080 is transparent liquid with stability and is soluble in most organics solvent.


Kanatol-8080 is used in a lot of European countries in application where human body is directly in contact with material like toys, nappy, medical material, artificial leather, water pipe. Kanatol-8080 is not limited as carcinogen DOP. You can add your products as Non carcinogen product. It has different structure than phthalic based plasticizers. As a result of this migration is lower. The materials, which are made with K-8080, are more resistant to most of hydrocarbons. It has lower flexibility because of its structure and this decreases fragility. It can lubricate itself because of structural characteristics. Preparing plastisol with K-8080 consumes shorter time and less energy. K-8080 can be replaced with DINP/DIDP because of lower volatile losses. Preferable plasticizer for producing cable with excellent electrical specialities. KANATOL-8080 is a primary plasticizer for soft PVC products and is recommended to be used in high “temperature cable and wire. KANATOL-8080 is used in vinyl gloves, wall covering, vinyl flooring, carpet & novelties and synthetic rubber.

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