KIESOTON . Acetone Substitute (Acetonersatz)


KIESOTON . Acetone Substitute is a new environmental friendly solvent based cleaner, free of labelling. It is used to remove ink, paint, graffiti, grease, resins and other stickies from metal surfaces, glass and other hard surfaces.



KIESOTON . Acetone Substitute has to be applied on large surfaces manually bay spraying, with a brush or sponge. In case of hard sticking soil it might be possible to repeat the cleaning procedure.

Sensitive surfaces and plastics must be checked for compatibility.

For small parts, the dipping process is ideal. Heating up to max. 40 ° C accelerates and intensifies the cleaning process.

The product can be used in parts cleaning, provided they are not heated above 15 ° C below the flash point (ie approx. 40 ° C).

KIESOTON . Acetone Substitute can also be used to remove anticorrosive wax such as dried Tectyl.

The product replaces acetone in the cleaning of machines, equipment and tools in the glass fiber processing industry.


- Acetone substitute, no labeling

- EX protection zone is omitted

- No ADR, no dangerous goods

- High dissolving power, high cleaning performance, residue-free degreasing

- Alternative to classic brake cleaners and cold cleaners

- Improved safety and health Reduction of the risk to man, machine and environment

- Elaborate documentation is eliminated, reduction insurance premium

- Savings consumption, since acetone about 23% evaporation rate

Chemical Datas

- Appearance: clear liquid

- Density: 1,06 g/ml (20°C)

- Solubility: slightly soluble

- Flashpoint: 86 °C

Practical implementation

The product is a new development of KiesoNet, the chemical network for better chemical-technical products, products of free labeling and acetone substitutes.

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Kiesewetter GmbH...und die Chemie stimmt
Kiesewetter GmbH...und die Chemie stimmt
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