Fluorine-free foams: Jetfoam ICAO-C 3% & Jetfoam ICAO-C 6%


Angus Fire’s JetFoam ICAO-C is a new breakthrough in the aviation industy. This 100% biodegradable product is the world’s first film-forming fluorine free foam with ICAO Level C certification.


JetFoam ICAO-C  has been designed for extinguishing and securing flammable aviation fuel spills and fires (Jet A and Jet A1).

  • Fast knock-down and extinguishment meeting the requirements of ICAO level C
  • True Newtonian, flows like water to ensure accurate, easy induction and airport crash vehicle compatibility
  • Fluorine free to meet airport policy on minimising environmental persistence

Possible replacement to

Fluorine foams.

Angus Fire
Angus Fire
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Angus Fire

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