High purity US grown natural indigo


Natural indigo is a sustainable crop and our product has been certified as bio based by the USDA. Denim mills, dye houses and artisans can be assured of a traceable real natural indigo product.


Our bio based natural indigo dye meets the highest quality specifications of our customers and it works flawlessly with their existing equipment and systems. That means it can be used to dye cotton in exactly the same way as synthetic indigo. The big difference is that we grow our indigo in the heart of Tennessee using sunlight and rainfall, rather than the fossil fuels used to make synthetic indigo.

We are making natural indigo low risk and high reward to farmers and our customers.  We have bred high yielding indigo crops and developed new methods for production so this crop can improve the sustainability of the farm ecosystems on which it is grown. Our farming practices actually leaves the soil healthier by restoring nutrients like nitrogen and sequestering carbon in the soil to help combat climate change.

By transitioning farmland and acreage to indigo plants, we are healing the environment, protecting farmland, bringing economic security to family farmers, and improving health for everyone.

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Sarah Bellos

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