High-performing concrete made from Elephant Grass


vibers is able to make concrete from a biobased mortar of Elephant Grass.

A mixture with the lowest possible ecological footprint and high technical performance.

3D printing is applied.

Constructions are possible that previously were not feasible, or very expensive.


vibers materials are based on Miscanthus Giganteus, also known as Elephants gras. A fast growing crop which, without the need for irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides, absorbs 4 times more CO2 than trees planted on the same area. It is grown locally avoiding the import from raw materials over long distances.

vibers manufactures lightweight concrete objects from a biobased mortar of Elephant Grass. As a first step, the mortar was used in a traditional way of working for existing products. As a second step 3D printing is applied. To achieve this goal, a sustainable mortar has been developed so that (via 3D printing) concrete elements can be made for (residential and civil) construction.

A mixture of ingredients whose extraction causes as little damage as possible to the living environment (people, planet) and which is easy to process (pumpability, fast hardening, good structural properties).

By applying high-tech production methods and new materials, combining existing and new knowledge and techniques (3D printing), local and design-free construction is possible.

Possible replacement to


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