Green Chrome Technology - Cr (VI) Free - Alternative to Electroplating.


Decorative elements and surface engineering are contributing significantly in creating recognition values between brands in automotive industry but also in general engineering applications.

Chrome surfaces in different glossiness grades are applied on polymer substrates for interior and exterior trims. Different technical specifications like corrosion and scratch resistance but also resistance to thermal loads and solar radiation need consideration.

The increasing awareness for human health and environment protection is leading to industrial processes complying with current and coming regulations. Cromatipic® is an environmental friendly and Cr(VI) free technology for plastic metallization. The 2-layer-system (lacquer+PVD) is recognized as alternative for automotive and general engineering applications.


Cromatipic® sets the new standard in chrome finishing.

Environment: It is an environmentally friendly and Cr(VI) free technology for plastic metallization consisting of only two layers: a UV cured lacquer basecoat with PVD coating on top.

Coating architecture: 2-layer-system (lacquer+PVD) - no lacquer top coat is needed.

Flexibility: The 2-layer-system is based on a flexible coating architecture and benefits the assembling process avoiding scrap. The line of sight process, makes easily possible to protect some elements from being coated. Small legs on the backside of the components need a certain flexibility to fit trims into its base. For assembly purposes it is very important that the legs will not be coated. Applying a standard chrome plating process they would become brittle without considering a time-consuming masking. As consequence they would break easily when assembling and would cause a great amount of scrap. With Cromatipic® the components are coated only where it is needed, resulting in a very flexible trim.

Wide range of plastic substrates: There is no limitation to ABS/PC substrates. This is increasing the application range to more cost efficient polymers, substrate materials with special composition or transparent plastics for lighting applications.

Possible replacement to

Cr (VI)

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