GrüneTinte - Green industrial inks from renewable resources


GrüneTinte®, our green inks from renewable resources are not only products. Furthermore they are a project of continuous improvements in green and safe technologies for nearly all coding, marking and printing applications. Whether you are marking plastic foils, metals, glass or other different packaging material, GrüneTinte® is exactly the right product from renewable resources for your ink application.

Our GrüneTinte® not only offers an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to conventional inks but also "scores points" with a lot of other advantages of the natural basis, such as: 

- Good adhesion on different substrates 

- Fast drying time 

- Partly very high fastness 

- Thermal resistance 

- Autoclavable 

The green ink will be exactly adapted to the printing task and is especially suitable for marking the following substrates:

- Paper, cardboard, carton 

- Laquered metal surfaces 

- Aluminium 

- Blister 

- Various plastics and foils 

- Ceramics 

- Glass 

- Wood 

Ethanol beats MEK

Our naturally denatured ethanol inks convince with a good adhesion on the substrate and pleasant odour. The days of the strong smell of keton are over. Your employees will be grateful. By cleverly selecting and formulating the ingredients we were able to reduce the ink and solvent consumption compared to traditional keton inks. For this the environment and your wallet will be grateful.  

We do more

We gain new dyes and pigments from renewable raw materials for further printing application. We would like other ink manufacturers to profit from our know-how and offer colour solutions and pigment preparations from renewable resources for the production of their own marking inks.

Possible replacement to

GrüneTinte® is the perfect alternative to all conventional industrial inks for Continuous Inkjet (CIJ), Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) and Piezo technologies.

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GrüneTinte Logo 2010 englisch.jpg
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