GlucoTain – A new dimension in Natural mild cleansing for Hair and Skin care


Glucotain is an innovative range of sugar-based mild surfactants offering sensory benefits through different foam sensorial experiences. It creates new possibilities to formulators to go to the next step in developing high Renewable Carbon Index formulations, sulfate free solutions, products designed for sensitive skin and it supports replacement of some synthetic ingredients (polyquaterniums, silicones, betaines)


Glucotain addresses consumer’s desire for more natural and mild products with no compromise on cleansing performance properties. Glucotain is suitable for hair care and skin care applications such as shampoo, liquid soap, shower gels, facial cleanser, shaving foams or bar soaps. Glucotain range is 94 – 95% RCI (Renewable Carbon Index), it is readily biodegradable, it has a good ecotox profile and supports claims such as: EO free, sulfate free, betaine free, etc.

Glucotain range is composed by 6 products offering different sensorial profiles: Glucotain Clear, Glucotain Plus, Glucotain Flex, Glucotain LiquiFley, Glucotain Care and Glucotain Sense.

Possible replacement to

Traditional non mild sufate surfactants, betaines, polyquaterniums and silicones (reduction of usage)