GlucoPure – Sugar-based cleaning surfactants


GlucoPure is a new generation of sugar-based cleaning surfactants. The product range consists of Foam, Deg, Wet and Sense and offers a unique combination of sustainability and high performance. It reflects the trend towards renewable feedstock instead of fossil fuel-based ingredients. GlucoPure is suitable for hand dishwashing detergents.


GlucoPure comes with several performance advantages such as reduced formulation complexity due to multi-functionality and increased cleaning performance of detergents. The surfactant offers better viscosity and appearance control and enables Nordic Swan certification by allowing milder formulations.

Key benefits:

  • GlucoPure is based on 95% renewable raw materials.
  • Highly efficient raw materials facilitate affordable costs.
  • Ecosafe - Reduced effects on aquatic life.
  • Mild sugar surfactant with enhanced skin compatibility.

Possible replacement to

Hazardous surfactants in cleaning products.