Genamin Gluco 50 – Neutralizer for waterborne paints


Genamin Gluco 50 is a multifunctional paint additive for waterborne coatings. It functions as neutralizing agent, compatibilizer and stabilizer in formulations. It is used to adjust pH to around 8 – 10 to create a stable paint system with minor interactions between the paint components. Genamin Gluco 50 has favorable effects for instance on the storage and freeze-thaw stability as well as on the compatibility with pigments and the flash rust inhibition. Even in comparison to multifunctional compounds such as aminomethyl propanol (AMP), Genamin Gluco 50 often shows superior performance and therefore can be used as AMP replacement.


Genamin Gluco 50 is a suitable ingredient to reduce formulation complexity by minimizing the number of additives in the paint recipe, resulting in less raw material handling and logistic costs. It has no negative influence on paint properties such as gloss or drying.

Key benefits:

  • Meeting consumer demand for low-odor, easy-to-use paints
  • Based on renewable resources (renewable share 75%).
  • Free of human and environmental hazard label.
  • Readily biodegradable.


Possible replacement to

Aminomethyl propanol (AMP).