GRINDSTED PS 426 - emulsifier


GRINDSTED® PS 426 by Danisco (DuPont Group) is an emulsifier blend of glycerides, fatty acids and esters with propylene glycol.


Acts as an antistatic and mold release agent in random copolymers without blooming problems in comparison to conventional GMS materials. It has low volatility and excellent heat and process stability. It has no adverse effects on PP transparency. Used in many high clarity injection molding applications. GRINDSTED® PS 426 is kosher and globally approved for food contact use. Its recommended dosage level is 0.2-0.5%.

Possible replacement to

Hazardous emulsifiers.

Danisco (DuPont Group)
Danisco (DuPont Group)
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Danisco (DuPont Group)

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