LGflex GL500 - Non-Phthalate plasticizer for flooring and wallcovering


LGflex GL500 is a non-phthalic plasticizer that can substitute current phthalic plasticizers, which are harmful for human reproduction.  GL500 offers great efficiency comparing other plasticizers and is recommended in application like wallcovering and compounds. Can be applied in a broad variety of end-users, such as flooring, wallcovering, flooring and compounds specially it can be incorporated in plastisol.


Key benefits: 

  • Short dry up time and fast fusion time
  • Excellent plasticization efficiency
  • Low viscosity of plastisol 
  • Excellent migration resistance
  • Approved for food contact applications and toys
  • Replacement for phthalate plasticizer (DOP, DINP

Possible replacement to

Hazardous plasticizers, for example phthalates.

LG Chem

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