Fully porous fluorine free functional membrane


We offer a patented platform technology to produce fully porous, waterproof and highly breathable membranes. Our final membranes are a two phase composite of the chosen polymer and stearic acid, a naturally occuring fatty acid. The process allows recycling of all used solvents and only uses a hard salt template and any acid for pore forming.


We patented a new way of producing fully porous membranes. By introducing a hard salt particle into dissolved polymeric resins we are able to specifically equip the inner surface of our porous network with a functionality. The introduced functionality allows rendering soft polymeric materials highly porous at high waterproofing and breathability. So far we have shown two working prototype jackets using our membrane technology and are currently exploiting further scaling. We are open to discuss possible ideas on specific membrane characteristics, like biodegradability or vegan materials. Our stage is in between laboratory and production and possible partners are welcome to ask questions.

Practical implementation

https://www.limmattalerzeitung.ch/limmattal/zuerich/outdoor-jacken-werden-dank-eth-forschung-naturfreundlich-126923920 http://www.tagblatt.ch/nachrichten/panorama/Mario-Stucki;art253654,3892841 http://www.ethlife.ethz.ch/archive_articles/130624_fluorfreie-jacke_fs/

Possible replacement to

Fluorinated membrane compounds Solid membrane films

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