Fully formulated ADCA-free Polyethylene compounds for foamed cable insulation


Borealis has launched a viable, ADCA-free replacement solution with the good process stability essential to achieving consistent data cable quality at high line speeds. This physical foaming advanced insulation solution based on high density polyethylene; has been formulated to enable excellent foaming in the gas injection extrusion of cellular insulation, at high line speeds, and to achieve the best possible electric performance within a broad spectrum of frequencies.

To complement this Borealis also has developed ADCA-free chemical foaming solutions for multi-pair communication cables.


Three different products are available:

  • Borealis HE4883 is for physical foaming of data centre cables. It meets the requirements for category 6 and 7, and is suitable for category 8 data cables. With this innovative material solution, network providers can offer greater volume data transmission services with enhanced reliability and quality.
  • Borealis ME1254 is a fully formulated Azodicarbonamide (ADCA)-free medium-density polyethylene compound containing chemical blowing agent for chemical foamed telesingles.
  • Borealis HE1355 is a fully formulated Azodicarbonamide (ADCA)-free high-density polyethylene compound containing chemical blowing agent chemical foamed telesingles.

Possible replacement to

ADCA containing material

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Energy_Cat7 Data Cable_001_2016_Internet_(c)Borealis.jpg
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